Covid-19 Update – Business Continuity

While these are unprecedented times we, at Eoin O’Gorman Solicitors, have a full-service business plan for situations like these.

We can, and will, continue as we usually do to look after you, your family, and your business. We will be utilising the technology we already have in place to communicate with you and get the […]

Purchasing your first home – when should you see a solicitor?

A common question frequently asked by first-time home buyers is “When should I engage a solicitor?” Purchasing your first home is a complex and possibly stressful task for most people. There are many risks that are associated with purchasing property together with endless to-do lists and a mass of new information that you are […]

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Run the numbers. Put together a financial plan to determine whether you can really afford to buy. After all, just because it’s a good time to purchase a home doesn’t mean it’s a good time for YOU to buy. It’s important to understand how much you can afford and whether home ownership might preclude […]