Covid-19 Update – Business Continuity

While these are unprecedented times we, at Eoin O’Gorman Solicitors, have a full-service business plan for situations like these.

We can, and will, continue as we usually do to look after you, your family, and your business. We will be utilising the technology we already have in place to communicate with you and get the […]

My Legacy Month

November 2019

Eoin O’Gorman
Solicitors supports My Legacy, an umbrella group of 70 Irish charities asking
people to remember a charity they care about in their will, once all other
important personal decisions have been made.

This My Legacy Month,
we ask you to support Irish charities by considering leaving a tax-free legacy
gift when you make or amend your […]

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Social media is a huge aspect of our day to day lives. From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, WhatsApp – the list goes on and on. Whilst making a social media account can all be done with the click of a button (and more often than not without spending a cent), the […]

Leave Your Gift For The Future, Leave A Legacy

This My Legacy Week, Eoin O’Gorman Solicitors ask you to support Irish charities by considering leaving a legacy gift in your will, after you have taken care of your family and loved ones.  We support My Legacy, an umbrella group of over 50 Irish charities who work together to highlight how important it is […]

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What Will Happen If I Become Unable to Manage My Own Affairs?

We all take it for granted that we can make our own decisions about the issues that affect our lives. However, we can lose that capacity to make our own decisions. Alzheimer’s, Dementia and failing health are just some of the increasingly common scenarios.   Dementia affects more than 48 million people around the world […]

Guardians vs Godparents

I’m often asked by clients whether the selection of Godparents for their children is the same as naming legal guardians for their children. The answer is “no.”
Guardians and Godparents are entirely different roles. The former is a legally recognized position and the latter is a ceremonial title significant only in religious and cultural right.
A […]

Tips on Making a Will

A WILL is a declaration of what a person wishes to be done with his estate after his death. The person making the declaration is the testator/testatrix. Dying intestate – without a will – means your estate will be distributed subject to the “laws of intestacy”.
Before making a will give the matter some serious […]

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